Emmy & Oliver – Robin Benway

emmy and oliverEmmy & Oliver by Robin Benway

Publisher: HarperTeen

Publication Date: June 2015


Emmy just wants to be in charge of her own life.

She wants to stay out late, surf her favorite beach—go anywhere without her parents’ relentless worrying. But Emmy’s parents can’t seem to let her grow up—not since the day Oliver disappeared.

Oliver needs a moment to figure out his heart.

He’d thought, all these years, that his dad was the good guy. He never knew that it was his father who kidnapped him and kept him on the run. Discovering it, and finding himself returned to his old hometown, all at once, has his heart racing and his thoughts swirling.

Emmy and Oliver were going to be best friends forever, or maybe even more, before their futures were ripped apart. In Emmy’s soul, despite the space and time between them, their connection has never been severed. But is their story still written in the stars? Or are their hearts like the pieces of two different puzzles—impossible to fit together?


“Emmy and Oliver” was just beautiful; it was real, and sweet, and touching. The fact that the story was from Emmy’s point of view, made it possible for me to understand how she felt, being the last person to see her childhood best friend- Oliver- before he disappeared.

It isn’t until ten years later that Oliver is found. Emmy, who has been suffering for his disappearance in her own way, cannot believe that her former best friend/crush is finally back. Of course, there is a bit of awkwardness when she gets to meet him again. With time, Emmy and Oliver become inseparable once again. She lets him in on details about her life that even her parents didn’t know.

I just love how the author portrayed Oliver’s frustration at the fact that he had missed out on a lot in his best friends’ lives. I did feel bad for Emmy, as well, because her parents had become so overprotective after Oliver’s kidnapping, that she had to keep a lot of secrets from them.

To be honest, “Emmy and Oliver” is such a book that there isn’t much else I can say about it other than “It’s a great book”.


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