Cover Reveal: Linked by Susanne Valenti

It is with great pleasure, that I reveal to you the cover for Susanne Valenti’s Linked:


Release Date: October 15, 2015


In a world she never knew existed, Maya is coming to terms with how much her life has changed. Danger lurks around every corner, nothing is as she expects and she’s never felt so alive. But the choices she makes could change everything and jeopardise the things she cherishes most. There is so much to learn and so much to love but her heart is pulling her back. The Guardians are hiding in the shadow cast by their Wall, concealing the truth from the people inside. It’s a shadow that darkens her happiness and she can’t stop fighting until the truth comes to light. It would be easier to walk away but Maya has never run from anything and she’s not about to start now. 


“Ripples!” Taylor yelled from my left and we all stopped and turned towards the line that was zipping through the mud. Everyone grabbed weapons from holsters and the air was filled with the sounds of safety catches being removed and rounds being pumped into place. 

 We froze, unsure what we were aiming at.

 The bubbling line of movement drew level with us, squelching sounds reached out to our ears and no one dared to move. We waited with baited breath and then the bubbles ran past. We watched as whatever it was flew by and headed for two men who were well ahead of us.

We started shouting warnings and moving towards them as quickly as we could. The ripples moved at an impossible speed.

“Behind you!” I screamed and my throat felt ragged as I tried desperately to get their attention.

“Behind us!” Laurie yelled.

 We all clamoured to a halt and turned to see another line heading straight for our little group.

 We held our breath and aimed our weapons as it approached but then it turned sharply. We spun to watch as it followed the first line and headed for the two men.

 We all just stood still for a moment then we started screaming and moving towards them again.

 One man turned and raised a hand to us.

 We were shouting and waving our arms and I had no idea how he would know what we were trying to warn them about. Then, he glanced down and noticed the ripples. They were upon them a second later.

His scream was so loud that I felt my heart skip a beat. Three sharp jerks later and he disappeared into the mud.


Susanne Valenti lives in Kent, England with her husband and four fur-babies. She has worked with rescue animals and helped to run the family business. In her spare time she likes to read, write, workout, watch movies and play video games (in that order).


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