Knight in Shining Suit – Jerilee Kaye

knight in shining suitKnight in Shining Suit by Jerilee Kaye

Publisher: Smashwords / Createspace / Kindle

Publication Date: January 2014


Sometimes, getting over pain and betrayal means Getting Up, Getting Even and Getting a Better Man.

Astrid has planned out her perfect wedding. That is before she found out that her fiancé, Bryan, is cheating on her with her cousing-slash-best-friend-slash-maid-of-honor, Geena. And worse, Bryan got Geena pregnant.

Just when Astrid thought it couldn’t get any worse, she received a wedding invitation telling her that her wedding will happen exactly the way she planned it. Except that she is no longer going to be the bride!

So when her parents urged her to attend the wedding “as family”, she planned the perfect revenge.
She will put on a show for everyone to see. She’ll show them that she moved on with a better man—handsome, smart, rich and crazy about her.

She’s even willing to pay a guy to be her “Knight in Shining Armani”.

Then she met bartender, Ryder. Totally smoking hot and quite a charmer. Astrid thought he was perfect for the job.

He pulled off the role quite well. Soon, her family thinks that Astrid was really with a smoking hot guy who wears Armani suits on a daily basis, drives a luxurious McLaren, and was totally in love with her.

Astrid invented the perfect guy every girl would kill to date, and every ex-boyfriend would hate to be compared with.

Or did she really just invent him?

What if she really did kiss a frog, or tamed a beast?

And that her quest for revenge was just the beginning of her happily ever after?


I started reading Knight in Shining Suit on wattpad, so when the author removed the book from her page (because it was getting published), I went mad searching for a copy.

Astrid is a wedding planner. She’s good at what she does, and has helped her boss get the company to where it is today. When she finds out that her fiancé (the supposed love of her life) has been cheating on her for six months with her cousin, she is crushed and just about starts to lose hope in the happily ever after weddings are supposed to bring.

To make matters worse for Astrid, her ex-fiancé refuses to call off the wedding (because he’s an idiot), and decides to marry his pregnant “other woman”, inviting Astrid for the wedding she had initially planned for herself. The nerve!!

In order to save face, Astrid enlists the help of a handsome bartender who pretends to be her hotshot, billionaire boyfriend. Later on, it turns out Ryder- the “bartender”- is actually the billionaire he is pretending to be!

When I started reading this book, I was irritated at Astrid’s behaviour. I felt she was whiny and annoying, and she took the grieving thing too far. Reading about how miserable (and clueless) she was made me want to shake her, and tell her to pull herself together. She was still hung up on Bryan, and was giving him too many benefits of the doubts.

I’ll admit that there are some clichés to this story, but the author rectifies it with the unpredictable twists that occur later in the story. Astrid, no matter how frustrating she starts out to be, becomes stronger, and confident, and way over her inhibitions.

Ryder is truly the Knight in Shining Suit for Astrid, and the trials they go through make them come out stronger at the end of the day.

I like this book a lot; the writing style is great, and I felt like I was a part of the story. The author incorporated lots of wedding tips that I felt myself thinking I should be jotting stuff down when reading this book. 🙂


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