First Days (Ghost Bird #2) – C.L. Stone

first days     1st days

First Days by C.L. Stone

Publisher: Arcato Publishing

Publication Date: April 2013


Sang Sorenson used to be the invisible girl in class. As a new student to Ashley Waters High School, Sang hopes that her new friends will be the change she’s been craving and will make fitting in a breeze.

But Academy students aren’t there to take it easy. The high school is overcrowded and rife with violence. When fights begin, Sang will uncover the true reason the boys traded in their private school life for a public one.

This year, Sang will no longer be invisible. This year, Sang is a target.

The principal and vice principal are hot to take Sang down, and her own mother is determined to entrap Sang forever in her belief that the safest place to be is in the shadows. Despite this, Nathan, Luke, Kota, North, Silas, Victor, and Gabriel will discover Sang’s unyielding loyalty.

And they will sorely need it.

The Academy, supremely influential.

If you enjoyed Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard or the Gallagher Girls series by Ally Carter, you may enjoy this series.


In First Days, we meet Sang still doing what she has always done: trying to evade her mother. But this time, things are different; she has friends, and they are all boys. Seven of them. With this significant change in Sang’s life, (she has never had friends before) she has to go full-out covert in her activities, and has to work alone because her sister is definitely not an ally.

Even with her new friends, things seem a little fishy, as they have secrets they refuse to let her in on. They are original students of The Academy, but no one knows where or what it really is. Although Sang has lots of questions, she has to swallow them in order not to put her friends in the awkward situation of not answering her.

The boys (Dakota, Silas, Luke, Gabriel, Victor, Nathan, and North) are all different, with unique strengths and abilities. They are sweet, although they sometimes seem more mature than they should be. There is also the presence of two “Academy teachers” (Dr. Green and Mr. Blackbourne), who are part of the team that the boys make up. They are obviously between nineteen and twenty one years old, and this makes the Academy even fishier for the people not in on their big secret.

Sang is constantly protected by the boys: she walks in the middle of two of them, and sits in the middle of two of them during classes. The fact that they arranged their classes so that she has at least a class with each of them shows just how protective of her they’ve come to be in such a short time of their acquaintance.

There is no lack of touchy-feely in this book, and with every hand over the shoulder or brush of the cheek; it becomes obvious that these boys just might have a thing for Sang. With her constant presence near the boys, it becomes impossible to hide certain Academy-related things from her, so she is let in on a few secrets.

I’ll admit that when I first began this series, I thought it was a bit odd because, how on earth is one timid girl supposed to pick between seven nine guys? But then curiosity took over, and now I find myself just about addicted to this series. There is mystery in EVERYTHING, which I love, and the story just keeps getting better and better.

The minor characters are like sugar and spice to the whole story, and one can tell that the author put a lot of thought into the plot and characterization of the story. There is no shortage of sweet moments, and one can never tell what’s going to happen next.

If you haven’t seen my review of the first book in this series, check it out here.


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