Ash and the Prince – Katie Doyle

ash and the princeAsh and the Prince by Katie Doyle

Publisher: Self

Publication Date: July 2015


Ashley “Ash” Prince hates using magic, but that doesn’t stop her mother from forcing lessons on her. She resists except when it helps her stepbrother, Charlie.

Charlie is sick and none of the doctors knows why. When Ash has a witch dream, she is determined to find the elusive and rare Ghost Orchid—a flower that could be the key to saving him. Her mother begs her not to go because not only did Ash’s dream reveal a way to heal her brother, it also hinted at her death. But when her brother gets worse, she refuses to sit around and let him die. In a race against time, Ash and a boy she met in a coffee shop go in search of the Ghost Orchid.

Only someone doesn’t want her to find it. Family secrets are revealed and Ash has to decide whom to trust—the mother that raised her, or the boy barely knows.

Love and family collide in this Cinderella retelling.


*I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I’m usually very picky about my fantasy reads, so I was wary when it came to reading Ash and the Prince. Surprisingly, I enjoyed it far more than I expected to. As far as “Cinderella retellings” go, I won’t exactly classify this as a typical retelling. The story is filled with enchantment and a bit of… mystery??

Ash would do anything for her ailing step brother; even if it means putting herself in danger. What she doesn’t realise is that Charlie’s illness is not the natural kind. When she finally starts to receive answers on ways to help her brother in the form of dreams, she wastes no time in searching for the cure.

Ash is a strong character. She can be rash when it comes to decision making, but she means well. She is loyal, and this can be seen in the lengths she takes to save Charlie’s life. Ash is also very determined; once she sets her mind towards something, nothing can get in her way.

On thing I like about this story is the unexpected turns it takes. I had a lot of “I-did-not-expect-that” moments when reading this book, and that alone is enough to make me warm up to a story. I also like the fact that mostly everything in Ash and the Prince centres on Ash’s love for her brother. The pacing is fast, and with every event that unfolded, I found myself looking forward to the next page. The background of the story is pretty rich, and it clued me in on the fact that the author has a lot in store for the readers when it comes to the sequel(s).

Overall, Ash and the Prince is a quick, interesting read that promises an interesting series, and will leave its readers looking forward to more of Ash.



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