Five Thousand, Three Hundred Miles : Cecily Knobler

five thousand three hundred milesFive Thousand Three Hundred Miles by Cecily Knobler

Publisher: Q&S Publishing

Publication Date: December 2015


Beth Wilton lived a small life in a small town, where day after day was the same until her sister bought her a trip to London, England for her 30th birthday. There, she had an electric encounter with handsome and kind Jack Stoll, who made her forget her past heartbreak. Two days together made everything seem real until he disappeared suddenly in a storm. Five thousand, three hundred miles apart once again. Would they ever find each other? Or would Beth’s life go back to its former small self?


*I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Five Thousand, Three Hundred Miles revolves around Beth, who receives a three-day trip to London as a birthday gift from her sister. While in London, circumstances cause her to meet Jack (a very charming English man), and as expected, they get involved in a whirlwind romance.

Beth is like most normal women: she wants to find love, but is afraid of getting hurt along the way. Having been hurt before, she is extra careful when it comes to matters of the heart, and has not been in a serious relationship since she was nineteen, over ten years ago. It’s just her luck that when she meets Jack, they are abruptly separated, and she has to either move on with her life or keep pining for him, even after returning to her home in California.

The very first thing I noticed and like about this story is the characterisation. The author managed to make the characters so realistic that reading about them, I could compare them to certain people I know in real life. There is so much originality and simplicity to the characters, and little things (like Beth’s reactions when she lands in London or her fascination with the English accent) add some humour and endear the story to the reader (me).

The story is written from both Beth and Jack’s points of view, which is cool, because it was enlightening to know what was going on with both characters when they were not together. I like the fact that the separation of Beth and Jack caused the author to delve into the deeper situations that the characters had to go through- it kind of portrayed the complicated things that happen in real life.

In a nutshell, Five Thousand, Three Hundred Miles is a sweet, refreshing read that will leave you knowing that there’s still some true romance out there 🙂 It has just the right dose of everything, so I’ll say just about anyone can read it.


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