The Dark Ones (Black Werewolves #1) : Gaja J. Kos

dark onesThe Dark Ones (Black Werewolves #1) by Gaja J. Kos

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Publication Date: February 2016


In a world ruled by lethal Slavic immortals, Rose and her pack of Black werewolves are drawn into the beginning of a war as they try to uncover the being behind the mass murder of White werewolves.

Because the nature of the killings obstructs the normal passage of souls, Veles, the sultry lord of the underworld, offers Rose his assistance; the were is left facing not only the new knowledge of the pack’s hidden lineage but also her growing fondness for the arrogant god…

To win the war, the pack must ascend to The Dark Ones. But to do so, they must be willing to risk being on the receiving end of the immortal community’s wrath.


*I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Dark Ones features Rose and her pack members, who are faced with what seems to be a potential threat for werewolves around the world. With the help of Veles, the Underworld god and a new love interest of Rose’s, they are able to gain information on what they’re dealing with, and realise their strength in unity.

At first, I expected this book to be a random, uneventful attempt at paranormal adventure. To my surprise, things just kept getting better and better as the story progressed. The story has a Slavic background and is set in Ljubljana; something that the author explores in a matter-of-fact way.The storyline is quite straightforward, but the author portrays it in an engaging way; probably so that the readers won’t get bored on time.

I like the way the mystery, the supernatural aspect, and the love story are well constructed and put together. The characters are all unique and have their own personal stories, and that made me want to know more about them; even the minor characters. Even though I thought Rose and Veles would end up being just friends with benefits, the fact that they develop deeper feelings for each other works even better.

I do have a problem with the translations (or lack of, thereof). In the beginning of the story, I had little idea of the things Rose was referring to in her language, and could only turn to my imagination for help. However, that little inconvenience wasn’t nearly enough to make me even consider disliking Rose’s story (it’s that good!)

In all, I found The Dark Ones to be a very refreshingly edgy read with lots of interesting elements. Adding a glossary and a bit of editing will make it even better; but I have no regrets and lovers of dark, mysterious fantasy stories will feel the same way.


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