What I’ve Been Up To



I know I’ve been away for a long while and I’ve been seriously lagging behind on my reviews. But I’m back now, and I hope to pick up from where I left off.

To keep you up to date:

  1. I’ve been in school. School resumed in August and I started with a full course load. I tried blogging once in a while, but things didn’t work out as planned.
  2. Even though I was behind on reviewing, I still somehow found ways to work on my TBR list. I’m happy to say I’m firmly in the loop in that regard.
  3. School resumes in January and I plan to keep posting reviews, so I’ll work something out (maybe once a week?)

Here’s a peek at some of what I’ve read lately:


The Crown by Kiera Cass

I actually re-read the previous books in the Selection series before starting this one. In The Heir, I thought Eadlyn was a little bit arrogant, and she clearly felt that having feelings automatically translated to being weak. In The Crown, there was a whole lot of maturing for Eadlyn. I will always prefer America’s story to that of her daughter, but The Crown turned out to be a satisfying ending for the series.




Charcoal Tears (Seraph Black#1) by Jane Washington

Before I started the Seraph Black series, I had a hard time finding a book that could rival C.L Stone’s Ghost Bird series. Seraph’s story is so captivating, I managed to read book one to three within two days. Now, I’m waiting for the next book (and the wait is killing me)!






First Kiss (The Ghost Bird #10) by C.L. Stone

Speaking of C.L. Stone, Ghost Bird series is more than worth reading. I reviewed it up to book three but for some reason, I didn’t get to review the rest. In First Kiss, things have progressed a whole lot: Sang knows most things about the Academy, and has even been formally introduced to the family. She’s growing mentally, and trying to develop a relationship with her boys. Things are going well, and the release of book eleven in the series is imminent.




The Deal by Elle Kennedy

This book surpassed my expectations. It’s deep without being too depressing, and even though the characters have haunting pasts, there is as little angst as possible. The whole story is realistic and refreshingly different from the usual New Adult innocent-geeky-girl-meets-dumb-jock. Of course, after reading The Deal, you’ll want to read the other characters’ stories ASAP.


The list goes on and on, but I have to end here 🙂


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