Indecent Proposal : Jodie Manhattan

indecent-proposalIndecent Proposal by Jodie Manhattan

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Publication Date: September 2016


Evelyn thought that the smaller jobs were always just enough to fill her pockets, but with each robbery successfully ticked off, she had created quite a long list of pleased clients – and these things didn’t go unnoticed by some.

A growing list of clientele lead to extra responsibilities, and extra responsibilities meant that there is no backing down when being presented with the chance of becoming a millionaire. In Jodie Manhattans irresistible debut contemporary romance novel, Indecent Proposal, Evelyn runs headlong into the night on a true make-it or break-it mission to retrieve the Dragon’s Heart from notorious billionaire Armand Bronson’s chateau in The Drives.

However after falling into an ambivalent bond with Armand, in which she cannot understand how she landed, someone from his past arrives.

This is a contemporary billionaire romance that is guaranteed to make your toes curl!


*I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review

Indecent Proposal is about Evelyn, who is a small time thief. She’s good at what she does, even though she has no plans to steal for the rest of her life. It also helps that she steals for a good cause: to help her community and make things better for her struggling family. When Evelyn gets called for a job that appears to be an offer of a lifetime, she is eager to take it and use her commission to buy herself out of her thieving ways.

When I started reading this book, I wasn’t sure how the story would go. The beginning was quite uneventful, but it was still engaging enough to keep me interested. The plot did turn out to be a bit deeper than the blurb let on, but that added to the story’s mystery. There were instances when I found it difficult to figure out who was who and what was happening, but the confusion didn’t last long.

I think the most successful aspect of this story is the characters. The author managed to portray them well enough that even the crazy ones had some logic to their craziness. Armand, the billionaire Evelyn is hired to steal from, stands out from the other characters. Even though he has some conflicting traits, his brash personality goes well with the story.

The romance between Evelyn and Armand is not quite unexpected, although it took some getting used to on my part. I like the fact that there is no unnecessary mush, and the general atmosphere between the lovers goes very well with the overall story.

In all, Indecent Proposal is a different read, for sure. It has a lot of detail, and the overall story is twisted enough to be intriguing. The only downer for me is that while I liked it enough to read it twice, it just turned out to be an OK story for me.



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